Ski Resort “Milzkalns” 

Milzkalns is Latvia’s premier ski resort, a place where the most stylish enthusiasts of outdoor activities meet. It is without doubt the most comfortable and friendliest place for all your winter pleasures.

For skiers - 8 runs (of up to 320 m) and slalom runs of varying degrees of difficulty, from complete beginners to real skiing experts. 

For snowboarders – Snow park, with its wide and comfortable ski jumps, is challenging enough even for the most fanatical snowboarders! 

Address: "Milzkalns" atpūtas komplekss "Dižkalni", Engures novads

Contact: Tālr.+371 26222333+371 26222333

Mountain Ski track " Jekaba Grava"

Comfortable and cozy ski trail. Families with children chooses track near cafe because it is not too steep for beginners. Track is 35m height and 250m long.

Adress: 3,5 km from Tukums, 500m from highway P131, going to Engure. Follow the road signs and instructions. 

Contacts: +371 29551182+371 29551182

Movie Town Cinevilla   

Movie town Cinevilla a first movie town in Latvia - Cinevilla - is situated in a distance. 

It was initially created for shooting the movie "Guardians of Riga"

Contacts : +371 28606677+371 28606677 


Horse back riding 


Horse back riding in Tukums, just 12 km from Villa ANNA. Nice and sunny ride is offered every day. 

Adress: Rīgas street, Tukums

Contact: +371 29212644+371 29212644


Rideļi Mill

On the excursion at the mill, the visitors can see the flour grinding process and then try out the pancakes made of freshly ground flour at the café “Cope”, which is right across the road. Already back in the day, when the mill was constructed, the millpond of Rideļi was formed. Around it, resting places and spots for organizing small events have been set up, also welcome are the fishermen. If you find this place to be appealing, you can also arrange a picnic there at any time and rent a boat to go boating in the millpond. 

 Address: Rideļu dzirnavas, Engures pagasts, Engures novads


Contact: +371 26536532+371 26536532






Jaunmoku Castel

Jaunpils Castle is one of the best recognized brick buildings in Latvia. The interior design at the castle is kept in line with hunting castles and it was renewed at the end of the 20th century, however some of the noteworthy originally arranged items are the tile stoves, one of which was made at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries to honor the 700 anniversary of Riga city, and on the tiles, various sceneries of Riga and the surroundings of the time can be seen.

Address: Jaunmokas, Tumes pagasts


Contakts : +371 63107125+371 63107125, +371 26187442+371 26187442


Durbes Castle - Manor

Durbe Manor in Tukums is one of the most interesting castles of classicism style in Kurzeme. For a pleasant walk to hide from the summer heat and in the luxurious ambience of autumn leaves, visitors can enjoy the scenic park created at the beginning of the 19th century with architectural monuments – the rotunda and stone bridge over a ravine. At this time, the renovated exhibition halls of the castle offer various expositions about manors, however the 1st floor halls of the castle offer expositions of the interior of countryside manors of the 19th century. One of the auxiliary buildings is host to an exhibition of ancient household items "The Latvian and his Master", which tells the story about the lives of farmers and craftsmen during the feudal times.

 Address:  Mazā Parka iela 7, Tukums


Contakts: +371 63122633+371 63122633, +371 26305946+371 26305946,

The Ceramic Workshop of Velga Melne

The ceramist introduces with her works and the process of pottery making in the administrative building of Durbes Castle and on the basement floor, where the ceramist workshop is open. 

Address: Durbes pils, M.Parka iela 7, Tukums.

Contacts: 2647867726478677  

Jaunpils Castle

     The Jaunpils Castle was the biggest private manor in the region of Tukums principal lord. The castle has been renovated multiple times and has suffered during the course of time, however on the exterior, the castle has retained characteristics of many order castles of the time – the typical round corner tow

er, floor level without windows and the thick walls. Nowadays, the Jaunpils Castle hosts the cultural community centre and a museum, which invites the visitors to get acquainted with the castle in a medieval style along with the monk, brother Theodore, the brisk hostess Hilda, the castle love-song singer – minnesinger, and with other residents of the castle.

Address: Jaunpils

Contacts: +371 63162128+371 63162128, +371 20223423+371 20223423,

The Nature park  - Lake Engure 

Adrress: Dabas parks „Engures ezers”, Bērzciems, Engures novads.

Contact : +371 29474420+371






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